unbrokenwillthecirclebe: "Write 10 facts about yourself, then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers"

1. I am married to the coolest guy that ever existed. We’ve been together for over 5 years now, and I really couldn’t find anyone else better to hang out with in this world. He completely accepts me for who I am, and he knows my darkest secrets. He even watches trashy reality TV with me and makes an effort to pay attention so that we can have things to make fun of and laugh about. I could laugh with him forever and be so content.

2. I have a registered pen name.

3. I have been writing the first novel in a trilogy for over a year now. I wish that I could spend all of my time and energy devoted to it, but if I did that, I would not be able to follow through with my schooling which is very important to me. I want to be to future teenagers what JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling were to me. Those books have really helped me develop into the person I am today.

4. I play the drum set and piano. I really like the drum set a lot more than piano. One day I hope to have a set in my house where I can improve.

5. I want to be famous for my accomplishments, but I want to maintain incredible privacy. I want to be famous enough for my life’s work to where I could be a trivia question, but I don’t want to be photographed and all in the news and all that. 

6. Sometimes I wish Needtobreathe or Mumford and Sons would do a star search for someone to harmonize with them, and I could become a harmonizer for them on tour. It is a weird fantasy that I have whenever I’m singing in the car.

7. I often think about going back to med school.

8. I want to wait until I am 28 to have my first child. I figure this is perfect because I could have four kids: 28, 30, 32, and 34. If I had twins, that would be awesome because I could cut out being pregnant at 34. Our names so far: Maya Rosa, Sienna (or Vienna) Megan, Archer (or Alaska, haha I don’t know if I could go through with either) Corey.

9. I have NO desire to EVER be smaller than 150 pounds. I think that is a strange thing to hear coming from a woman. 150-160 is my favorite weight to be. I definitely want to lose weight. If I could be where I was freshman year of college that would be ideal. 

10. I can’t eat gluten. That one’s boring. I just couldn’t think of a 10th item.


I have a feeling this @ToryBurch bag will be put to good use this summer.